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"My autobiography SO WHAT? was out last week alongside the latest of my novels, Like An Angel Sings'.You might like to read one or the other - so here's the Amazon link

I've had one review already for the novel ... this made me happy and no, I haven't the slightest notion of who this lady might be!

Mary Josefina Cade
on 4 April 2016

Format: Kindle Edition
Verified Purchase  

The music of the spheres. Words to inspire the imagination and also, a spiritual quest. Like the author, Bryan Islip, I love the passage from 'The Merchant of Venice' that he has placed at the beginning of 'Like An Angel Sings.' Pure beauty.

I found 'Like An Angel Sings' to be compulsive reading. It is quite hard to review without giving away the surprises contained within these inspirational pages, but I can say that it is about the discovery of something extraordinary, within an apparently 'normal' style family. Marie, the mother, desperately tries to keep her family tethered to the earth, but those angels. When they call, we have to listen!

Jamie, the outsider, was my favourite character from the beginning. I love Jamie. I will say no more, but highly recommended for anyone who enjoys an exciting story, with added levels of wonder and magic.

Talking about Amazon - one small niggle (small for them that is but gigantic for me); they tell you to buy my new books on Kindle but if you want the paperback, as do most of my friends, you need to wait, I quote "1-2 months"! That's absurd. I've yesterday ordered my fifth batch of 30 copies from my printer / wholesale distributor, Lightning Source. They are already in transit to me. Lightning Source will send out one copy or ten thousand copies so what's your problem, Amazon? If you are worried about building stocks I'll fund it for you, so let's make it easy for folk to feel the paper.

After all, that's what made you guys rich, right?

I'm sending a copy of this blog to Amazon and will be posting their response.

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