When you write your life story introspection is the price you pay....

Reflections in the form of a sonnet

I cannot claim to have done very much:
I’ve never swum an ocean wild and wide;
I haven’t met with kings and queens as such
Nor slept with famous women by my side.
I have not met disaster with broad smiles
(‘Though on the other hand there’s been few tears)
Nor walked that hard five hundred lonely miles
Preferring life with all its problems shared.
For me the morning sun will always shine -
Sunset’s a time for other (night time) folk;
I know there’s paradise for me and mine
And words I write I hope the stars invoke.
Oh yes, I’ve been a mostly happy man,
Partaking Adam’s fruits whene’er I can.

Bryan Islip
April 1 2016
for those I know and love and those I’d like to…

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