Read any good books lately?

Good day, world! Well, it seems as if I have survived the winter with a new lease of life...

These are my newly published books, released April 1st on Amazon. Kindle and, as they say, all good bookshops (on request). My latest novel Like An Angel Sings - 978-0-9555193-9-0 and my autobiography SO WHAT? 978-0-9555193-7-6. Their respective back cover blurbs are …

(For Like An Angel Sings RRP paperback £8.99) Ben and Marie Case are forced to stay overnight in a cave on Beinn Torrobach in north west Scotland. The contents of the cave, ancient and not so ancient are to have a bearing not only on their lives but, through their teenage son Jamie, the lives of many others world wide. Jamie was born with a spina bifida condition and an exceptional imagination / intelligence. He is also a new-found musical savant who recognises the so-called music of the spheres, so well known in pre-history. There is also the healing significance of his parents’ other accidental discoveries inside that mountain cave. And did those feet, in ancient times, really walk upon Scotland’s mountains bleak?

 (For SO WHAT? RRP paperback £8.00)  There’s nothing consciously egotistical or contrived here. Just the truth and nothing but the truth as best I recall it, each memory tumbling out, like it or not, from the shadows of my life. The 84 edited episodes (‘essays’) in this book started out as web blogs over the months of 2014 / 15. They cover my event-filled years between 1934 and 2015.

Yes, I am now eighty one and reasonably fit apart from the rogue cells of an advanced prostate cancer. I find that nothing to worry about. Just mother nature getting set to call me in, perhaps to the most exciting of all my adventures.

Hope all well with you guys. Buy my books! How the hell else is their author ever going to make it to Hollywood?. 



  1. Here's a Shakespearean postscript...

    Reflections in the form of a sonnet

    I cannot claim to have done very much:
    I’ve never swum an ocean wild and wide;
    I haven’t met with kings and queens as such
    Nor slept with famous women by my side.
    I have not met disaster with broad smiles
    (‘Though on the other hand there’s been few tears)
    Nor walked that hard five hundred lonely miles
    Preferring life with all its problems shared.
    For me the morning sun will always shine -
    Sunset’s a time for other (night time) folk;
    I know there’s paradise for me and mine
    And words I write I hope the stars invoke.
    Oh yes, I’ve been a mostly happy man,
    Partaking Adam’s fruits whene’er I can.

    Bryan Islip
    April 1 2016
    for those I know and love and those I’d like to…

  2. I'll be ordering LIKE AN ANGEL SINGS. :) Still busy browsing through SO WHAT?

    I actually came here to get info to put up on GOODREADS. I'll wait till the great launch on April 1st.


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