A few of my favourite & unfavourite things

A memoir should be about oneself; about the likes and dislikes and feelings that go to paint the self portrait. Glancing back from my early 1990's 'blogger chronology' I realise I've probably focussed more on events than on myself - at least as was myself back in, say, 1993 - now that I have interrupted my narrative at that point. I'm not sure if and where I might have reversed my feelings since then but to round out the picture here are or were my top likes and dislikes - apart of course from family and friends ...and in no particular order ...

1. The wilderness 
2. The company of a woman
3. The ocean
4. Watching most sport.
5. Reading Hemingway
6. Listening to great music
7. Painting pictures
8. Writing fiction
9. Composing verse
10. Reading Shakespeare
11. Pubs and company
12. Good wine and whisky
13. British royalty
14. The City of York
15. Dogs
16. Manufacturing industry
17.Porcini mushroom gathering
18. The scent of bluebell woodland
19. Sea fishing
20. Small boats

1. Westminster politics
2. Airports
3. The (financial) City of London
4. Older age / disability
5. 'Retirement' (no chance)
6. Loud noises / loud people
7. Aggressive religion
8. TV weather forecasters except Carol
9. Most but not all abstract 'art'
10. Standard motor cars
11. Multiculturalism
12. Divorce
13. Tesco
14. Travelling by other than train
15. Madonna
16. Hospitals and medicines
17. Hypocracy
18. Unearned privelege
19. Spiders
20. Mobile telephones (but not computers)

Perhaps the above will be anathema to some folk. No apologies, we all have different backgrounds, different experiences from which to cull our own likes and dislikes. These are just mine (or those that I can immediately pin down). And if they should inspire any of you to fly away from me no apologies.Sorry (for not being sorry!).

This I painted in 2002 ...

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  1. Madonna made me laugh out loud




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