YES of course

On the positive: Yes of course Scotland is a nation. As such it has a right to govern itself. Will it want to do so, come September 19? YES of course it will if it proves to have the requisite moral fibr. Why wouldn't it?

Just as did Canada, Australia, Ireland, America et eal, et many, many als, each of them once bound to a Westminster government, ruling by itself for itself.

On the negative: the United Kingdom was united under force of arms and/or money over eight centuries, starting with Edward the first, 'Hammer of the Scots' (and of the Welsh, the Jews and the Mohammedans.) Today Westminster is London, is the City of London, is big bankers' money, is the plaything of the USA. And has been corrupted beyond repair. Why would Scotland now need Westminster? Why would it not need its ancient pride as a nation?

I am English and extremely proud to be English. My family extends back beyond the year 986 (no, not 1986!), when King Edward the Confessor was born in Islip Manor, in the village of Islip in Oxfordshire

But I have been and still am dismayed then disgusted by Westminste-pattern,  post WW1 history of self-perpetuating government, its gradual annexation by 'The City'. Surely Westminster's sell-by date has long been and gone! England deserves better, I say!

If England one day has the gumption to create massive changes in the way and by whom it is governed, to resurrection of its creative, industrious and moral past, why would it need to govern (i.e. possess) Scotland, the north of Ireland and Wales - these last of its minion States?

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