Money talks but Nations roar!

I'm English and proud of it. And I'm Scottish by adoption and proud to be that, too.Westminster might as well be a nation entire unto itself. I, for one, am very sorry about that, for during my post WW2 lifetime I have watched in horror as it wormed its newly cancerous way deeper and deeper into the very fabric of the United Kingdom. I'm not talking party politics (an outdated term if ever there was one. Six hundred and odd - what? Doing just what?)

Scotland, like its big brother down south, is a nation and as such should look after itself, not in rivalry but in close collaboration with the rest of Western Europe and any other friendly country. This will begin on Friday! And Westminster should devolve its powers to the regions of England pretty damn quick, before the people take the Law into their own hands. The criminal elements in the City of London should have nothing to say about it.

Money talks but Nations roar!

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