Scots arise!

It was good to see Scotland’s Chief Executive standing up to the bully boy tactics of Westminster’s representative the other evening. I realise that both sides want to avoid driving wedges between the people of Scotland and those of its southern neighbour, but the silver fox’s finger-wagging throughout their first encounter really did annoy me, as did the man's constant barrage of meaningless threats to the effect that London would take away Scotland's currency in the event of a YES. Those guys should realise how the folk up here react to threats!

The thing that puzzles this expatriated Englishman - one who loves his country - more than anything is just this; why would anyone in Scotland want to go on and on being vassal to a government it did nothing to elect? A government based far away in (and for) the city of London? 

Scotland is a nation - a ‘land of Scots’ both indigenous and imported. Westminster as at today is a government that has through recent years sought to bring the whole United Kingdom to its knees with its crazed focus on financial disservices, unwanted multiculturalism, hostility to its European neighbours and stupid ‘where can I fight the next war on foreign soil because I’m a big boy in the world’ism?

Should the Scots vote YES in 18th September - as I hope - perhaps that and the suicidal rush to get out of the EEC will finally force long-overdue changes in the way my country (England) is governed. It may not be too late for the damage to be undone ... Winston Churchill may be watching, with whatever sadness ....

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  1. I read a comment (one of the online newspapers) by an American who pointed out something vastly missing from all of this - any sign of the English saying, "We want you to stay. We need you. We'd miss you."

    As far as the govt goes... he's right. But as for many English folk I know, both North and South, the mood is, "Grab your freedom! Good luck!" and (of those South) "We just might come North and join you."


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