Scotland be brave?

Miracle! I have had a sneak preview of Alex Salmond's opening address in the upcoming BBC television debate (Monday next) ...

Ladies and gentlemen: at this point I have some allocated time to re-set out Scotland’s platform without interruption or anything more in the finger wagging department from my silver haired friend over there.

Scotland is, as its name must suggest, a nation unto itself. A ’land of Scots’ (both indigenous and adopted). A nation that deserves the freedom to govern itself, to manage its own affairs. A nation of people with the pride, the creative intelligence and the genetic character to succeed in maintaining and improving over time their own wellbeing and their very own prosperity.  A nation whose union with its neighbours was always more a marriage of friendly convenience than of true love. A nation that doesn’t any longer have to be governed by a system made far away by the English for the English, by London for London, by the bankers for the bankers.

After many years of struggle, on the 18th September the people of this Scottish nation will be afforded the democratic right to break away, to take a deep breath, test their strength and conviction, set forth with self-confidence and with all sails set fair. This will not mean the loss of Scotland’s historic friendship with our neighbours in the British Islands. In spite of the negative rhetoric, not to say threats of the Westminster power train our ties with the peoples of the British Isles are unbreakable. On the contrary, independence will mean making more and closer friends in the great continent of which Scotland is a natural part - a continent that Westminster and ‘The City’ seems to have been doing its very best to alienate for so many, so negative years.  

Do not, I beg of you, be diverted by talk of currency and economy. I am by background an economist and I can assure you that economists are good at telling you what happened and what is happening, far less so in forecasting what is yet to come. If economists could see what was coming none of them would need to be economists. Their guess is little if any better than yours. The elected government of Scotland - of whatever colour now or future, with whatever leadership now or future - will of course oversee and manage currency and money in / money out. But such issues must and will be decided in the light of what is happening over time inside Scotland and outside in the world at large. They will be decided in the best interests of the electorate; the people of an independent nation.

Should you disbelieve in Scotland’s right to nationhood you have the subordinate right to tick the NO box. Otherwise, believe you are a part of Scotland the Brave. Be brave. Give Scotland a chance. Tick YES!

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