Westminster v Europe

 If you looked at my last post 'A View from the far north' you won't be surprised to see today's headlines. It seems that our Prime Minister is doing all possible to block the appointment of M. Jean-Claude Juncker as next EC President. Well, surprise, surprise!

Why is our leader adopting this heroic stance (Little Britain v Goliath Europe)? Because he and his cohorts believe, rightly, that Juncker will further the power erosion of Westminster / City of London in favour of a fast unifying European Community. A unification political, social, military and - above all for the distress of Cameron's banker family of friends - financial.

That's a bit of a bloody cheek. How could a nation with only one tentative and perhaps temporary foot in the European community of nations hope to 'overpower' the combined wills of the whole, fully paid up family? Isn't it about time, I ask, for my nation to apply for full membership, including financial (the Euro), or, if it really needs to commit a form of hari kari, secedes itself altogether - stops trying to run the damn thing? Long term sitting on fences is going to damage your cojones as well as your influence.

Cameron and his cohorts consistently say that the only thing they want from an association with the European Community is money (trade and exports). That's like me saying that the reason for me being an associate member of your golf club is because I sell golfing paraphanalia and want to be Captain.

Winston Churchill (my unashamed hero) who created the whole concept of a united Europe, may well now be turning in his exalted grave. The money changers have indeed occupied the City temple.

I doubt Cameron will prevail over Merkel and the merry band of fully paid up members. And I look forward (albeit with limited confidence) to a situation where  ...
  •  an independent Scotland will join up as a full member of the European Community
  •  the rest of the UK will ditto. (Better late than never? Maybe).
  • Westminster is relegated to its natural status, as per, for instance, Houston vis a viz Texas vis a viz the United States of America

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