A view from the far north

Please read this as a commentary - a rant if you like! It calls for no action, for the possibilities for action are ... you guessed it!

I write as a tax paying citizen of the UK who, as a young man, owned by right of birth a percentage of his nation's supplies of water, gas and electricity and of the nation's transport by rail and air (not sea - and the roads thus far have not been 'privatised). Oh, and the telephone system and the post office, etcetera etcetera.

These massive, world leading industries were created by the hard work and ingenuity our fathers and grandfathers and their fathers and grandfathers under the auspices of a Westminster government truly representing the people, using money syphoned into the nation's treasury through the taxation of the people.

I now own none of these things and neither do you, unless you have been persuaded to pay for the shares that you and/or other folk already owned.

So, having taken from the 60 million odd owners of these industries where, now, are the proceeds of this 'privatisation'? Just like the proceeds of north sea oil, much of it has been frittered away by successive Westminster governments on a National Health Service now threatening to implode under its own over-burgeoning weight, a welfare system open to any of the world's Toms, Dicks or Flavias caring to dip in, a military far, far in excess of any possible national need (but useful to maintain the seat of our P.M. at the world's conference tables) - and not to mention an overfed, often corrupted system of government designed in the age of the carrier pigeon and the horse drawn carriage.  

But most of all, if you want to know where your money went you need look no further than the City of London, folks. Yes, that same City of London  grown hugely rich and fat in my lifetime, that is responsible 'though was never punished for the great public distress of the recent (and ongoing) five year 'depression', that is still persisting in its gobbling up of the nation's wealth-creation. 'The City' that calls itself an 'industry' and which, in all fairness, it surely is as industrious as is any other parasitic cancer.

Remember the saying, "Old soldiers never die, they only fade away"? Think "Old politicians never die, they only join the City" (with or without the knighthood or peerage bestowed on them by a grateful government of the day.) Is it any wonder that everything UK has to be subjugated to the interests of the money-changers and gamblers?

As a resident of Scotland but an Englishman intensely proud of his heritage and disgusted by the Westminster / City cabal I shall vote YES to Scotland's independance on 18th September. I don't know whether, in time, Holyrood will fall into the Westminster malaise, or not, but right now I would rather vote for Brussells and Angela than Westminster. Can't any longer stand the stink of it.

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