No rain no pain in Spain again

Pen and ink collage "Holiday in Spain". I sketched it whilst I was there last week in the home of my son and daughter in law plus one granddaughter, two dogs, five cats, many goldfish and some large and extremely noisy frogs.... so this is my impression of the twin property - one house is called Floreana and the other one The Studio. They sit high on the side of a lush, wildly overgrown canyon, in the bottom of which is a dry riverbed extending from the little village of Frigiliana down to the lovely, Mediterranean-side town of Nerjha; (may have the spelling wrong!)
I tried to incorporate in the sketch a few of my main impressions  ... strong skyline of trees and bushes, a few white houses on 'the other side', arched doorway into The Studio house, tiled lettering in Spanish on the wall; "The Artist;s Studio." (previous owner was indeed a German lady artist, most of her pictures and murals being X rated and now overpainted); the fossils and old bottles being a reminder of their previous home near to the Dorset coast; terracotta tiled floors; the white stone ballustrade between one of the swimming pools and the steeply drop down hillside.
My personal take on this part of Spain? Feeling no pain! Quiet, relaxed, temperate, polite, manana, great wildlife, some of it new to me, mountainous. A lot like Aultbea really (but minus the temperate)!

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