Anyone for prawn cocktails?

I belong to what you might call the prawn cocktail generation - you know, the generation introduced in the fifties and sixties by such as the then new Bernie Inns to that exotic concoction called a 'prawn cocktail'; i.e. a wine glasses filled with layers of lettuce and a few pink prawns topped with south sea islands dressing. Last week in Spain my son and daughter-in Law ordered a prawn cocktail. This is what arrived at table!
Picasso was born and raised not far from here. He would have been proud of this picture on a plate ...

And here's a couple more shots; one of Stu and Lorraine and one of their dogs, the one they call Roman, gazing over the mountainous terrain that stretches as a National Park for fifty miles inland from their house. The other one's just me with two pretty ladies (Lorraine and granddaughter Jadine) having a really tough time by the Mediterranean.

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