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The prime minister of this United Kingdom will today stand where the medallists of last summer's London Olympics once stood. Using this as a political springboard of doubtful taste he will urge English, Welsh and Northern Irish to raise their voices in supplication against Scottish Independence. He will cite the heroic deeds of Scots / British such as Chris Hoy and Andy Murray. He will say that a United Kingdom without Scotland will be greatly diminished in the conference chambers of the world at large. He will say that people in the wider UK will be the poorer should the Scottish National Parliament's 'Yes' campaign prevail. He will not say ...

  • Why they will be poorer, exactly., and whether he has bothered to read the SNP's White Paper on the whole subject, including all the many economic ramifications concerned, many of them a big plus for indpendence. *
  • Why the people of Scotland, who have never in recent times or any times voted for a Tory party to represent them should now vote for it and him.
  • What pressures on him and Westminster in general are being applied from his own family's links with the City of London, not just on this Independence issue but on all things recently governmental. (Labour as well as his own Tory)
  • Why the UK's economic so-called 'recovery'  applies much more to London and 'down south' and much less the farther from London you happen to be.Conversely, why the so-called recession recessed far more deeply 'up north', whilst much less in London and the south east of England - and for those responsible for the problem in The City hardly at all - if at all..
  • Why he, with his generational family linkages, should believe that his native Scotland cannot be a nation unto itself - once again.
  • Why it is important for this nation or nations to be represented abroad, never mind held in high esteem. Oh, David, the days of the British Raj are long since dead and gone.        
  • Why he is refusing to debate the issue man to man (or woman) in front of the whole United Kingdom instead of this incessant sniping from the rear. most often via redundant politicians paid by Westminster and the captains of some industries and the Bank of England Governor (an ex Investment Banker who has a whole year's experience of living in these islands! - sorry. in the City of London.).

* I would be first to admit that medium or long term economic forecasting - of whatever colour - is little more than a political gimmick. All I know is that only factories and the invention of product creates wealth, all else including government and so-called service industries do nothing but spend it, with finance feeding itself like a parasite on the whole shebang.

My American industrialist boss, a first generation multi millionaire, once toured our factory (his factory - I was only its marketing director,) and he turned to me and said; "Everything you see here is cost. The only reason for it is the sales you generate out there." Well, ditto UK.

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