British Internationalists, Mr Barroso.

So Mr Osbourn's tripartite seizure of the UK pound sterling has backfired. Surprise, surprise. Only the supremely arrogant would not have seen that one coming. Who the hell do they think the people are going to be cheering for, Goliath or David?
And now Mr Cameron is going to hold a meeting of his Westminster Cabinet in bonnie Scotland? Wonder why he's suddenly decided on that one. So unclever, too little and far too late, David..
As for the ploy involving your mate, Barroso!!! Forget it. Scotland will be as European as it always has been. It is because it is. Have they never heard of the Auld Alliance? (Scotland - France).
Best now to leave the politicking out of it. The whole UK is sick to death of Westminster / City of London politics. Don't they get it even now?
Let the people of Scotland decide whether they wish to be a Nation once again. Or not. After the vote the English will still be English, the Scottish Scottish and the people of these islands British Internationalists.

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