A Valentine's Day message

We all know how it is when we come across that box of old photos whilst searching for something else. Three hours later you look up, having forgotten for what it was you were searching. Memories, memories.

I guess, in these digital days boxes of old photos are becoming rarer, which is a pity. Memories are not the same, they're not so powerful on-screen.

Anyway, in amongst Dee's box of photos and personal memorabilia I found a bundle of my own letters and cards, written to her mostly from hotels when abroad on business trips. Many are too personal and of no interest here but I found a couple of my long forgotten poems, hand written and faxed to our home near Winchester, one of which I thought I might 'publish'  ... The single sheet of lined paper is date marked 'Feb 14 (YES, St Valentine's Day!) - 2001, 09.31 Dharan International Hotel (Saudi Arabia) ...

A sonnet for Delia

My mind's eye sees her as I saw her first
And still she thrills me as those years ago
When Nature's breathless clamour did its worst
And best when deathless love began to grow.

So easily she found my heart, my mind,
And soothed them with no over-tenderness;
She uncomplaining led me from behind,
Shared failure'sd pain, shared joy in our success.

This day pf Valentine, I feel her still,
Yes, even closer is my Dee to me;
My crowded mind knows that I ever will
And from my beating heart I reach for she.

Mysterious love shall be my saving grace
Through time beyond this living, loving place.


 International business and love poetry - strange bedfellows in a single life. But if I had to give up one or the other I know which one I'd choose. Yes, the one I did (choose). And how prescient now, after she has gone, that closing couplet!

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