A moment here then gone.

Sometimes when you're least expecting it you come across something that knocks you down - or perhaps it is that something that comes across you - . Either way you can give in and stay down, bemoan your fate or whatever; or you can get up, blink, shake your head and carry on the good fight.

Such a knockdown happened for me and of course for Dee some eighteen months ago when she was first diagnosed with an advanced lymphatic cancer. In one of these blog entries I wrote at the time it was akin to turning the corner on your way to the shop for a loaf and a paper only be be confonted by a three metre grizzly bear.

Just now, when I was searching for something on line this photograph appeared. It was taken at my birthday party, October 23rd last year. It too has knocked me back, if not down. Does my girl look like she would be gone after thirty five more days on Earth? Does it look as if we both knew it? Well, it would and we did. It's easy to say that she lives on but that would not be true. The photograph registers a moment in time that's gone forever, leaving only the memory and a photograph on screen.

And that's better, much better than nothing ...  for me.

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