Memories of a girl in orange

Happy New Year!

I do really hope so, but more than looking ahead with determination and hope for things however undefinable in the misty future I urge you to treasure just this 'now' with friends and family and as much of that precious thing called love as you are able to take and to give. Like ourselves, of course it is a transient thing, so soon does your now become your hustory. But your history itself is a hard won thing and is therefore also precious. All those treasures of the past are worth it.

This little verse is one of my own treasures of the past.
The girl in orange

Often, Dee, I see the photo
Glass-less, old in battered frame,
See I our faces, smiling so
At something…someone without name
Who‘d held my camera on that morn
When you and I to Cornwall came,
Yes, you and I not long re-born:
We’re leaning on a harbour wall
Behind you sits a solo gull
And I can smell the sea and all
The world and you are beautiful.
With more than twenty* summers gone
You’re still my one, my orange sun.

Bryan Islip
June 99

* for twenty read forty as at 2013/14

Today, the last day of 2013, I have searched without success for that photograph, the one I always had with me on my business journeys. I would prop it up on my hotel bedside table so the girl in orange was there. I remember it so well. It is gone now but the words remain, as does the meaning behind the words. And the memory.

Happy 2014.

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