Rest in peace, Dee.

My lady Dee died yesterday. He breathing had become more erratic, shallower.. Under persistent, cruel attack from the cancer she called by the name of Thomas the Terrible Tumour her body had given up the ghost long since and now, finally, her spirit was preparing to follow. Hemingway wrote that, I quote, A man can be destroyed but not defeated. For man read woman. This woman. The one called Delia Mary Islip.

At precisely 13.41 her breathing stopped altogether. I had been reading to her from the scriptures whilst holding her unresponsive hand, but I swear I felt an answering pressure as she left me; as she left all of us. The talk is of a better place. I believe it. After all, this place has to be no more than a mere testing ground and, if so, Delia has passed her own test with flying colours.  She was a good woman. A very good woman. I shall not meet her like again.

Her funeral service takes place in Aultbea's Church of Scotland, 13.00 hours on Thursday 5th December. Her Memorial Gathering takes place at the Anglesea Hotel in Alverstoke, Hampshire, at 17.00 hours Wednesday 11th December.

Rest in peace. my Dee.

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