Privatisation aka corruption

Will anybody tell me where I have it wrong? Please?

The day before yesterday I, in common with all other UK citizens, owned one sixty millionth (approx) of  The Royal Post Office, a public service of some three hundred years standing.

But after yesterday I own only forty percent of that, the other sixty percent having been arbitrarily taken from me (stolen, some would aver) and sold on without my consent and with none of the proceeds accruing directly to me.

This forcible repossession and sale was facilitated a year ago by a doubling of the costs I then had to pay and will always have to pay for postage through 'my' Royal Mail. This of course turned a viable and venerable public service into a cash cow well fit for milking by the City of London and those who now own and gamble with my missing sixty percent. Any old fool can make a business profitable by doubling its income.

Today the very small percentage of the UK population well heeled enough, unprincipled enough and gambler enough to 'invest' and thereby line their pockets so successfully are counting their easy peasy money whilst putting up the traditional two fingered salute to those miserable souls in the longer and longer UK dole queues and those in the longer and longer queues at  UK food banks. 

Privatisation is always the Robin Hood in reverse condition. Of course it bloody well is. You cannot hand an essential - often monopolistic - public service over to the City of London gambling syndicates and seriously hope that they will not milk the public to line their pockets. Water, electricity, telephones, rail, you name it. Just take a cool and educated look at how their charges have outstripped inflation - and those in other European countries. Classic rob the many UK poor to fatten up the few UK rich.

Have I ever forced my own nose into the UK privatisation trough? Would my thoughts be any different if I had? Yeas and no. And that is not the issue.

The issue is corruption.

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