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Re my recent piece on privatisation (of the Royal Mail) and corruption ...

'Corruption in business' does not simply mean back handers, price fixing and all those other behind the scenes practices. It can be out in the open, there for all to see - and do sweet fanny adams about. Especially when the practitioners are so often cotton-wool protected by our legal system and our lovely government.

This morning we hear that British Gas is raising it's prices by 10.2 %. So, bring on more and more of the food banks. They are going to be needed big time. This morning we hear that the Chief Executive of British Gas is paying himself a bonus of two million pounds. Well surprise, surprise. Shame not just on this person but on all we others who know and let it go on happening. This is the exact opposite of the Holy Sacrament; the outwards and visible sign of an inwards, invisible, decay.

A Minister of the Crown then appears on screen advising us to seek alternative suppliers. He speaks as if to sub normal fourth formers. As if there were dozens of firms out there finding / creating and selling gas and electricity (as opposed simply to selling what they buy from an identical source, delivered to you and me in an identical way). Not a word of criticism from said Minister to the State owned monopoly his predecessors handed over to the tender mercies of the Stock Market some three decades ago.Not a word to the British people about switching off the central heating or street lighting or just donning an extra sweater.

Meanwhile out top 'leaders' are out in China busily trying to sell even more of their / our nation to the Chinese, and begging said industrialists to come here and build us some bloody nuclear power stations, please sir. 'We have no money to do it', they whine, 'And our people have to consume more and more and more no matter what the long term medical and environmental effects.' .

I am a total believer in traditional capitalism, but what we have today, to me bears a remarkable similarity to the latter days of communism - both having been / being steadily eroded and destroyed by an utter contempt for the public and the outright corruption of a small but powerful minority.

Our forefathers who invented industry, the ones who built our social superstructure by brain, invention, hand and determinatuin (roads rail factories cities transport etc etc) in the name of Christian morality and legitimate profit will be turning in their graves. Shame on all of us.

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