Delia - a bulletin

Our local Gairloch and District Times just published my little thank you verse ...

To those who care

and those who care

for Delia

and those who may know

my lovely lady

I want to say this:

Thank you for knowing

thank you for caring;

and this …

If ever you or I

have to fall victim

to a cancer

(God willing, never)

better by far to be near

such people. Yes.

best by far to be here.

Bryan Islip

I meant every word of it. 

For the most part Dee is comfortable enough sitting up in the newly installed 'hospital' bed, courtesy of the  NHS. She can lower of raise herself at will in order to watch over the distant hills and the loch alongside which we have so often walked and see how the weather is and the colours of a Scottish Highlands Autumn. But there are times, too, of great pain when her medication gets a bit out of synch, At such times expert help and moral support is always close at hand. Not just help, kindness also. 

Kindness: we have many visitors but sometimes I have to tell them, 'no, sorry, doctor's orders'. They always understand, ask me to give her their love, often leave us their gifts of tasty treats and flowers and cashmere bed socks and, oh, all sorts. But  love is their most important gift of all. You can't touch it or consume it but we all of us know when it is there, given or taken, do we not?

In the quieter moments I sit by her bedside and we talk and often laugh about old times and the now times of family, friends and the world at large. I think it good not to condense life and one's interest into self, in the way so often of the very old. Dee is not and will never be very old. Oh yes and of course we discuss and theorise about what comes after this; belief, religion, philosphy, call it what you will. There are no secrets. Never have been any. Secrets have no value.

So what of myself? A bit tired at times but physically and spiritually OK, I think. (Nobody can know for certain sure about themselves, can they?) I have one advantage in that I have always been better at reacting than at planning. What was that, written by the Bard ... 'the best laid plans of mice and men go all awry'? Are you listening, President Obama?

My wife is brave in the extreme sense that the very bravest never know or want to know about their own bravery. In this and of herself she lifts up my heart as she lifts up the hearts of all those who know her / us. How lucky after all am I. What kind of a superwoman is my wife, Delia.

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  1. Love sent to both of you. x x

    It's all that matters - love.


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