Corruption or stupididty?

More, yet more!

Whilst the bosses of privatised 'companies' (near monopolistic suppliers of essential public services not long since handed to a grateful City by the unbelievably innocent Mrs T) are loading themselves with great riches at the pain and expense of a debt laden public our government has sold us all down the bloody river, big time.

Instead of investing OUR money in OUR green energy innovation from OUR naturally favourable tides and winds (in that order) Cameron has contracted with a French builder with Chinese finance for the output of a new nuclear power plant, the output of which we should buy on ridiculously Alice in Wonderland, finger in the breeze terms.

Did he not notice what happened to a seaside plant of similar construction in Japan last year? Does he really imagine Great Britain to be impervious to similar tectonic earth movements? Has he decided to bury his head in nuclear shit so as not to notice how his future nation is going to deal with it? Does he really think he knows what the pound will be worth in two, three or four decades time? Or even if it will still exist? Why not one more step? Why not do more deals with China? After all, they do have all of the USA's money to play with. Why not sell them not just the Manchester Industrial City but the City of London or the Houses of Parliament?

Above all, why has he not thought about the obvious solutions to this so-called energy crisis. USE LESS OF IT! Switch off the unnecessary. Ration it out. And above all re-nationalise the suppliers, drop this fraululent falsity of a free market. Energy is not something for good capitalism. It is good fuel for corruption.

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