A Sonnet for Robert Burns

A Sonnet for Robert Burns

I’ll sing of the birth of that Burnsian boy
With the songs of a son of fair Alloway
Who though poor, left words of comfort and joy
- riches that glitter to this very day.
‘For all that’, he wrote, ‘A man is a man’
And life is one life for a man to use well
So he lives and loves as true as he can
And writes as clear as the toll of the bell.
The good folk came out in old Dumphries town
To bury the Bard that all Scotland owned
It shall not be forgotten who wears the crown -
This Rabbie, who’s now to all the world loaned.
As I read him again I hear the pipes’ skirl
‘Awake’, says he, ‘Watch our saltire unfurl’.

Bryan Islip
Oct 2013


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