Less power to the fracking people

Much heat and light of late about this thing termed (courtesy of the ever more power huingry USA) 'fracking'.Fracking is short for fracturing the rock bed on which our island nation rests along with all its naturally balanced animal and vegetable 'wildlife'. And yes, that does include us, its native humanity.

A classic instance of sawing off the branch on which one sits, or so it seems to me. And to judge by the howls of protest north and south to a great many others also.

But the benefits of fracking to a government with eyes and mind fixed firmly on - and no further than:-

  • The upcoming general election.(as outmoded and farcical a process as that may be)
  • The chances of continuing soft and lucrative political self-employment that can stem from it
  • The blessing of our real government ('The City' just down the road from 'The Mother of Parliaments')
  • The 'growth is good; growth is for ever' fallacy
-  any risk is worth taking. Heads we win - more power for the people to squander; tails we lose. But hey, we'll (probably!) be long gone so who the hell cares about losing? Strangely akin to bankers playing their foir self-profit games with money belonging to other people or money that does not exist.

I've said it before and now I'll say it again: I look out of the window and see the rolling seas. I see the tides twice daily moving untold trillions of tonnes of salty brine, back and forth, back and forth. I see the trees (only small ones this far to the north) bending before the movement of the air. I know as do you that this whole possible source of clean power, its harvesting once invented, can satisfy the most power hungry of human societies and will last for as long as does this Earth and the universe from which it was spawned.

We human beings, uniquely amongst life on Earth, are inventive. So get inventing, people! Harness your environment. But with kindness, with respect. Do not seek to fracture and destroy it.

Yes, time and money is needed for such grass root invention. Take the money from wherever it exists as an unnecessary expense. Yes, banks and social services included. And for the time it takes to bridge the gap between now and a successful then, resolve and learn, above all,  to switch off your lights, your central heating, all your myriad squandertings of energy .

Or go on as you/we are and take the fracking consequences. 


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