Fast water (1)

Over this weekend I set out to try to capture in oils on a 70 x 70cm canvas the extreme natural testing of a salmon running upstream to his or her 'redd' (shallow, gravelly breeding place). This is as far as I got...
... an abstract of rushing water. I called in Dee to ask her the question; "With or without the leaping salmon?"
"Without," she pronounced. "It's beautiful as it is."

I call this painting Fast Water (1) Why the (1)? Becaise I became fascinated by the power and movement, by the interplay of light and colour on falling water. I want to do more of it - to make more of its limitless variation. Fast Water (2) is already well underway.

There's no shortage of subject matter in the fast moving rivers and burns of these Scottish Highlands. I'm beginning to think about a whole calendar of twelve Fast Waters ... Would enough folk be interested enough to buy and hang such a thing on their wall? I'll hang this picturte in Mary Thompson's Exhibition & Craft Fair, Aultbea Village Hall, 7, 8 and 9 August. Canvassing opinion, literally!

Water, after all, is the stuff of life, whether that (missing) salmon's life or my own life or yours. It is from whence came all of life this millenia since. Some of our science now tells us that the world will not end in any Biblical flood. Quite the opposite. Extreme shortage of drinking water will be the cause.

Whatever, right now the power and the glory are there for all to see.

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