Beauty and the electrical beast

After a more thanusually trying visit to Raigmore Hospital we were driving back across the Highlands yesterday. We had been busily slandering the people who think it right to erect giant electricity pylons across the 'wilderness' when we came across this...

We had heard about the pair of ospreys that had chosen these several years past to build their nest in this most unlikely of positions. We parked the motor, got a sight of the nest through a belt of trees. Looking though binoculars we could see the man-made wooden platform atop the steel structure. More than this we could see two handsome, fully feathered dark and white birds sitting up and taking notice. Wonderful!

And then came the icing on the cake. First came another osprey, flying in presumably with food for his or her offspring, then another one, ditto!Four of the beautiful birds at one and the same time.

Suddenly the pylons were not so awful any more. Neither were the electricity generating employees responsible for the safe nesting site. Another version of Beauty and the Beast, I guess.

Sorry about the quality of my photo. Distance and the lack of a telescopic lens. But we watched the parent birds come in and we watched them go back to hunt for fish on the nearby loch. They seemed the epitome of grace and they made our day.

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