Wakey Wakey!!!

I'm taking my blood pressure each morning and evening for a week. Far as I know nothing wrong with me. Just doctor's orders. The reason I mention it , I'm supposed to sit quietly before en-wrapping my upper arm, not get esxcited. In that case I really must stop watching Breakfast TV news. This morning's collection of trivia included two items that probably added a good few points to my readings.
  1. Our Chancellor waxing all defensive against media questions regarding his new eleven billion £ 'cuts'- but of course to be effective at some distant time in the future when his party will probably be looking at the government from the other side of the Chamber. Eleven billion? Peanuts! BP Oil alone makes this in profit yearly (even after forking out some twenty billions in damages following their Carribean deep sea  fiasco). Barclays Bank is not far behind. Eleven billion is less than the nation's interest on borrowings each month. So: all the usual smoke and mirrors calculated to hoodwink a financially naive electorate. To repair the damage of the awful years of borrowing excess George should be talking two hundred billions in cuts right now. As well he and The City knows..
  2. The revelation that two million miserable UK households are taking out weekly 'payday loans' - at rates onf interest that would make Barclays or Shylock green with envy. Poor devils. But that's all right. The City continues to ride high, insulating its many key figures against the inevitable bursting of their lovely bubble.
I remember something on radio called The Billy Cotton Bandshow. Mister Cotton opened proceedings with his stentorian yell down the airwaves. WAKEY WAKEY!!!!

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