True love true story

The following is as told to us by the owner of a nearby restaurant ...

It seems that every year a man and his wife had been coming in for a meal whilst on holiday . They had all become good friends. Then a couple of years went by without the usual annual visit before the man returned with a new lady wife. This is his (true) story ...

On the anniversary of his first wife's passing away the man's telephone rang and rang with female strangers referring to his 'advertisement' in the local press. He went to the newspaper office demanding to know what sort of joke they were running at his expense. The editor showed him the advert and its paid up submission, It had been signed by the man's wife and dated more than a year previous. It included a year ahead insertion requirement and read something like ..."Good man, mature sixty years old, single since wife died a year ago seeks female companionship. Not good at being alone. Telephone xxxxxx"

The new lady was the man's new wife, one of those who had responded to the ad.

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