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Oh, that UKIP man! Here's some controversy for you, Nigel. Scotland is and always has been a nation separate from England despite its sellout to London by such a tiny minority in 1707.

Ever hear of 'the auld alliance'? Scotland is historically closer to France and Europe than to England; much closer than England has been to France and Europe. Therefore I hope to see Scotland regaining its independence and then becoming a small but active member of the European Union.

I am English by birth* and proud to be so, historically if not contemporarily, for 'my' England is right now very much of an endangered entity. I am Scottish by adoption and equally proud to be so. I think that makes me proud to be British, Nigel. Is that racist? In the politically confused and confusing times orchestrated by a confused and confusing Westminster post WW2, who the hell knows?

Being British I am always well disposed to the eccentric. So entertaining. But I would not register my vote for an ecentric. I have no wish to be governed by one, nor have I any wish to be governed by the ramshackle collection of nonentities currently occupying those expensively marbelled halls so very close in all ways to the parasitic City of London.

When the time comes I will vote for Holyrood and I will vote for Brussells.

*p.s. I don't know from where you originate, Mr Farage? But for interest only I can point out that King Edward the Confessor was born some 1050 years ago in the village of Islip in Oxfordshire, and there has been an Islip chapel in Westmister Abbey for some 600 years (since John Islip, Abbot, completed its construction.) 

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