"Thus ends the Winter of our discontent ..." (Shakespeare Richard the Third -I think!)

Yes, for the first time since September last Dee came out of the house for reasons other than yet one more trip to Raigmore Hospital. We went to Poolewe to visit Alison's market and then to Gairloch for lunch at Donald's The Shieling. And she even popped in to say hello on the way home to Connie and Mike at their Bridge Cafe.

Dee's sister Gloria and brother-in-Law Peter are with us this week, so have witnessed a truly remarkable change.

Of course we do not delude ourtselves. We are not by any means out of the wood. Grade four lymphoma does not that easily surrender, and on Monday next we have a trip down to Aberdeen's Hospital in order for her to have a nuclear scan. Hopefully that will tell us all about the condition of her spine. Hopefully all the tumours have been zapped. Hopefully the specialists at Raigmore can get to work on some spinal re-construction. Hopefully life can be how it was, normal service nicely resumed ... Hopefully.

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