Three cheers for the rebels

From our upstairs bedroom window we can see all the way down Loch Ewe to Beinn Airidh Charr. In the middle ground a big green field rises from the shore line up to the left. Green fields are a real rarity in thse parts where the vast majority of any landscape is filled with the more sombre hues of the wild tangle: heathers, gorse, rank grasses etc. In season this green field harbours cattle, sheep - and uninvited but very welcome pink footed geese. In the dead of winter it is largely unoccupied. The other day we looked out and there were the sheep, dotted about contentedly munchihng away on new-growth grass, amazingly early and a sure sign of the benevolence of this non-winter past (or passing, for it's not too late!)

'But look', she exclaimed, and I looked and sure enough there was a single little lamb, unmistakable and maybe a couple of weeks old, therefore a whole two months ahead of when lambs up here are supposed to be born. 20th April is the accepted date.

So what's the story, morning glory? Clearly not everyone conforms, not everyone does as they're told. Hooray!!! Three cheers for the rebels.

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