There is no sunshine

This morning on the BBC's Breakfast the UK's Chief Scientific Officer warned us all about an approaching global warming Armageddon and its effects on land and sea and even in the air we breathe. He seemed barely able to contain his disturbance, very unusual for a government 'everything's under control don't worry' servant. With ill-concealed reluctance he added as a hardly-dare-mention-it footnote; "in ten yours' time there will be another one thousand million human mouths on earth, seeking food and water from a world unable even to sustain the seven billions already here".

Over-population of we over-consumers is not part of the problem; it is the problem.

The program presenters gave him about a quarter of the time they devoted to this week's snowfall, all gone within a day or two no doubt, and some guy that had been doing the dirty on his racing car team-mate. As the man said those four thousand years ago; "Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad."

When shall we - all of us - realise that the only way out of this dark room is the exact opposite of our politically much sought after 'growth'. Starting with absolute population control. Or perhaps why the hell should I care, you may think. Live for today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

It will. There will be no sunshine.

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