Good morning!

This oil on canvas, just completed, measures 70 x 70 cm. It is called simply GOOD MORNING!

We have had the most astonishgly beautiful February here in Wester-Ross. I hope my picture and its title speak for themselves.

This is Loch Ewe as I saw it from Mellon Charles and the little fishing boat off to work for the day is Jane Grant's (I think!). Jane is part of the family - the only family - inhabiting Isle Ewe, the tip of which you see on the left hand side of the picture. She dives for scallops, and has done so for years. Cold and hard work, no doubt, but with what delicious results!

During WW2 an anti-submarine net was stretched right across the mouth of the loch, roughly in this view. Loch Ewe was a reserve base for the Home Fleet as well as the point of departure for the Arctic convoys, described by Churchill as 'the worst journey in the world'. This very week, and at long long, last the brave men, almost all of them gone by now, who manned those ships have been awarded overdue recognition in the form of a special campaign medal.

This must have been influenced by the vigorous, expert and ultra-determined band of Aultbea locals who are trying to raise millions of pounds for the erection of an Arctic Convoy Museum. Long may they prevail and long may those seamen of long ago rest in peace. I salute you all.

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