Ardessie Falls

Five years ago when our dogs were still with us we parked the car by the roadside near the tiny village of Dundonnell. We scrambled for an hour or so steep uphill. Not easy going through the tangle and quite dangerous in places. Having attained our objective, which was the upper reaches of the little mountain river above Ardessie Falls we sat on a rock by the tumbling waters with our sandwiches and flasks. Down there we could see the cultivated fields, rare in these Highland parts, alongside Little Loch Broom. Across on the other side are the foothills below the twin peaks of An Groblach. I did some sketches there and took photographs.

I've just finished using these to paint a small oil on canvas (30 high x 25 cm). It will be hung with two more of same size in Connie and Mike's Bridge Cafe, Poolewe. And when the others are finished I'll also put them up here on my blog. Each of them for sale at £130.

Looking at this painting now, how powerfully I can smell the heather and the bog myrtle, hear the music of the waters, taste the peanut butter and the black coffee. I can see Mati and Sorosh, our lovely Hungarian Vizslas, having helped us finish the goodies, as they explored all the nooks and crannies alongside the river and lapped its crystal cold to assuage their thirst. Inexhaustible. Their joy transmitted itself then to Dee and I. And still today, remembering...

How little they needed from this life, this world, to be content. How little did we.

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