The madness of Westminster

Those who the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad. Euripedes, c. 450BC.

The Greek philosopher, poet and playright would have nodded sadly, wisely at the goings-on in the Court of Cameron this day. And I, like he, have nothing more to say about the legalisation of same sex marriage nor about the stultifying political correctness underlying it.

Our spiritually bankrupt (and financially ditto) government appears hell-bent on the destruction of the very institutions that have over recent centuries underpinned the greatness of Great Britain, or rather, the great moral comforts of life in these islands.

They are now in the process of killing the greatest institution of all - greater even than the Churches - that of the Mother of Parliaments itself.  Having sold off the family silver (i.e. manufacturing industry) they have failed totally to embrace the challenge so clearly anticipated in Europe by their spiritual leader, Winston Churchill, (no, not bloody Thatcher) in favour of those in the square mile and parasites abroad who toil not, neither  wishing to do any hands-dirty, hands-on spinning.

Somebody once said tht, if you are born British, you should thank God on waking up each morning. I would endorse that. But given a choice of who should govern me I would vote (1) Edinburgh (2) Brussells (3) Washington heaven forbid (4) Westminster nowhere without root and crop reformation.

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