Westering Home

'Westering Home': oil on canvas one metre wide x 70 cm
This is my latest oil painting to become touch-dry. Incidentally the largest painting I have created thus far.

It will feature as (probably) November in the 2014 calendar that Eoghain Maclean and I are working on right now: again Eoghain's wildlife photographs paired up with my own Highlands landscapes in oils, each of them with my narratives. I haven't yet written the narrative for this one as yet, nor the accompanying few lines of verse. That's my next job having finished this blog.

People will ask 'Where is that then"? but on this occasion I'm not going to attribute a locality because the painting is all about Wester-Ross in general and the single bird on the wing in its centre. However I can tell you that the sunset, the island and the loch are from the window of Kirkhill's front porch that I use as a studio. The trees on the little spit of land, left foreground, are from a photograph taken much further south. The bird is a compromise. I originally planned for the whole painting to be a frame for another abstraction or 'murmur' of a thousand starlings but herself said no, leave it alone. So in went just my single my raven, westering home to roost for the night. Then I left it alone. 

Hope you like it. I shall try to get the original into a gallery, preferably Cherry Ambrose's Beauly Gallery. For sale unframed at a price to be determined. Unframed because that's becoming increasingly popular for contemporary display - plus, a frame suitable for an oil painting of this size would cost me anything upwards of a hundred pounds. Here;s how the edges look ...

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