The first time ...

The first time ever I saw Glencoe ... I was astounded by its (to me in1973) other world beauty.

At the same time I found myself much disturbed by silent echoes of the infamous massacre when, early in the morning of 13 February 1692, thirty-eight MacDonalds, many of them fleeing from hot poursuit all over the Glen were killed by the Clan Campbell - those same Campbells who had accepted the MacDonald's previous evening feast and their overnight hospitality. Another forty MacDonald women and children later died of exposure after their homes were burned. All this on the grounds that the MacDonalds had not been prompt after the Jocobite uprising in pledging allegiance to the new monarchs, William and Mary.

A more perfect illustration of the truth in the expression 'Man's inhumanity to Man' could hardly have been imagined although, God knows, thousands of similar incidents, many involving thousands, tens of thousands, even millions have taken place in history - and so it continues today. There must be some streak of genetic self-destruction in us. Scientists - bloody well find and eradicate it, should you have time!

Any way this is my oil on canvas tribute to the fallen. 75 x 46 cm

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