Higher and higher

'They can and probably will cobble up some kind of a so-called 'deal' later today in the USA. Although the politicians will claim to have saved the world that new deal will make no difference.'  (From my last but one blog)

TOLD YOU SO.Yes, probably up there amongst the  most useless phrases in the English language. Sorry.

All the senators and congressmen in the good old USofA rolled up together and turned into 22 carat gold could not - cannot - re-write the past. 'The moving finger writes and having writ moves on, And all thy sighs and all thy tears can change no word of it.'  Many apologies to The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam for the awfulo mis-quote, but you know what I mean. Umpteen years of borrowing and lending (aka usury) must be paid for in blood sweat and tears and very soon. The fiscal cliff gets higher every single minute of every hour of every day ... etc. We built it and we go on building it, with or without Congress or the US President's permission.

And the more of us there are on this planet, and the more each of thinks he / she needs and has to have from 'our' poor old globe, preferably of course without earning or deserving it, the more certain it is that we're going to fall over the edge or run out of oxygen.

King Canute probably thought up a damn good reason for getting his royal feet wet, too. But at least he had the good sense and good grace to get his courtiers to move his chair back off the goddam beach before he got himself drowned in the uncaring, incoming tide.

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