Not sure if I put this one up before. Anyway its now finished and framed. Oils of canvas 64 x 40cm. But this is a representation re-proportioned for our Pictures and Poems cards, calendar, prints etc. I call it 'The Ramblers'; I painted it not far from one of the laybys between Poolewe and Aultbea.

One of the figures (no, they're not Dee and me) is pointing to a skein of geese, probably the pink-footed species common to these parts but perhaps on their way to their breeding grounds in Iceland.

I especially like the way sunlight and clouds casts their shadows over the hills. Here now, soon gone or at any rate soon changed. There is seldom any constant in the light - or the weather - of the Scottish Highlands.

When we relocated ourselves from Hampshire to Wester-Ross in 2002 we brought with us Sorosh and Mati, our pair of Hungarian Vizslas. Until their simultaneous death from the by-products of old age in 2009 we walked the trackless hills daily. Not long walks, just a one to two hours or so, but never on pathways. So we often 'discovered' places that became dear to us. All four of us, actually. I shall always remember them, even if I am no more to go those ways. These spaces, these lovely places are there for those who want them, not so far off the beaten paths but where no boots tread and no wheels roll. The closest we will ever come to the freedom of the skies enjoyed so vociferously by those lucky pink-foots.

p.s. The Ramblers will feature in our calendar 2014, month of May.

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