A painting for 2014

'Loch Maree and Slioch - Frosty Morning' Oil on canvas c 65x40cm

Actually I have re-sized this reproduction so as to fit my greetings cards and particularly our 2014 calendar. (accompanying narrative below). It will feature there in January. Actual size 65 wide x 40 cm high: this depiction c 55 x 40. (It extends another 10cm to the left.)

This painting was finished yesterday and will be left to touch-dry for the next 7-10 days. In fact it takes oil paintings  many months to dry right through completely.

It's been on and off my easel since mid-December, alternating with three other paintings in progress. Anyway here's the narrative for January 2014 ...

Sweet Marie and lordly Slioch
paired since glaciers, groaning,
cracking ancient rock, slow scoured
their way across the wilderness,
leaving its bouldered residue,
to be softened by rains, by frosts
then torrents rushing down
of purest crystal, peaty brown,
reflectedf in its follow crown.

Loch Maree and Slioch - frosty morning - the painting

I think of Loch Maree and Slioch as a pair and have painted them many times as such. But I couldn’t resist adding to my collection with this particular aspect, seen whilst on my way to Inverness . As the title suggests, it was one of those still, frosty mornings that show the Scottish Highlands in her finest Wintertime regalia.
This year I’ve switched from pastels to oil on canvas but my approach remains the same. I decide on a subject then work out my projected composition. This almost always involves changing some features, perhaps adding one or two and taking others away. I hope that the result helps you to experience the mood and the beauty of the place at that time of day and of year and in those weather conditions.

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