Suffer little children

Yesterday's atrocity in the USA is of course occupying all the headlines. But whether it's one, twenty seven or two hundred and seventy little children and their teachers who fall to the assassin's bullet the question is always "Why?" Everyone is asking everyone, "Why". Trouble is, some questions have no answer that's acceptable to a civilised society.

No, it's nothing to do with the proliferation of guns and their ammunition. There have been at least three comparable incidents in the UK in recent times and very, very few in the UK have access to guns. In Shakespeare's London no sword of more than three feet in length was legal. Visitors with weapons longer than that had them broken in half at the city gates. Did that stop the bloody street fighting ? Not on your life (or anyone's in 1590's London Town!).

It's more to do with the massive proliferation of mental illness, I think, and the disinclination of Western society to lock up all those so afflicted, out of harm's way (harm to others as well as to themselves).

It is a sad fact that the more populations increase the more aberrrant, one to another, has and will become our behaviour. Their are not so many steps from simple, over-crowded rudeness to extreme violence person to person, so often via the small screen with video games, fifty shades type pornography and a general lack of moral direction amidst our I want / must have materialism.

Answers? I think I know them. I think you too too, at heart. We all must. But I for one am not ashamed to confess my fear of giving voice to them, here or anywhere. Enough to say we are in dire need of a basic re-shaping of society away from the slow cancers of media, money, science and population growth. And away from our so degraded forms of democratic governments. Towards - what?

Two thousand years ago Socrates had the answers. We should start to understand them, begin to to re-learn how to live with each other and with our host planet, comfortably alongside all of its wonders.

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