Seeing Christmas

What a year has been, for us, this 2012. For me, a novel three parts written month by month on line, a conversion from pastel painting to many new oils on canvas, a brand new beard and a lot less weight: for Dee, so many new friends and such high compliments with her B&B, sadly now in suspension, probably permanent. Downside for us both, overwhelmingly the diagnosis of Dee's nymphoma preceded by the death of Wynne, her old Mum.

To be brutally honest the world seems to be no less turbulent now than a year ago. People keep on killing and damaging each other, in uniform or not. And there's the unsettling sound audible to us all of tectonic shifts in the financial and political under-structure of our society.

And yet I can look out of my window right now to watch the tides rolling in twice daily, as they have since long before the first foot of Man trod heavy on this planet. I see the stars by night and I see all around me the paradise with which we were all endowed. The one that so many of us, (all of us en masse), so often will persist in despoiling with such scant respect for what has gone before, with such scant regard for those and for what will come after us.

A Christmas message

It’s Christmas!
Come step in
From the cold
         To share our hearth;
Relax; and calmly 
Sit yourself a bit
By fire’s glow
Sip slowly
Something warming
Talk old times
And now times
Or rest content
To say nothing:
Just quiet smile
Along with us

A time for
Kind thoughts
Kindly meant
For you and yours
To wish you well
Of health, wealth
But most in times
When things don’t
Seem to rhyme.
Our message
Simply is;
Take care;
Come in*, for
You are welcome

 * to this blog! Or to our home if you live in this quiet corner of the northwest Highlands of Scotland.

Bryan Islip
December 96 / 2012

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