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I've been quite surprised by the interest in my blog of 23 December, the one entitled: 'A Letter for Christmas 2112'. I don't really know why I'm so surprised, for we're all interested in futures. One e-mailed response needs, I think, a follow up. Question raised; ' In this brave new 2112 world of yours, what kind of government?'

My answer: NO government - or more accurately, compact communities and each individual within each of them will be self-controlled by communal and individual choice. The Laws will have long been laid down, accepted and set in stone (literally). There will only the ten of them, for the Stature Books will have been discarded in their entirety. No need, therefore, for any further 'government'. Physical control by so-called defence or police forces or aberrant behaviour (criminality as we know it) will be a thing of the past. It will have been voluntarily eradicated within a couple of generations after the great plague ran its seven seasons course leaving space and resource enough for all and a balanced, contented, resourceful and stable human population linked together only by The New Net. 

And, 'What about energy?' asked my correspondent. My answer: energy requirement per head will be a fraction of today's because the life style of the remaining three billion people will not need it. For instance they will have neither a need nor a compulsion nor much of a wish to travel on land between their home communitiy and other communities. Our currently so-wasteful air transport will simply have been consigned to history; be a thing of the past. As says the song: "We (shall) have all the time in the world". Sea travel will be wind powered. Such energy as is required will all be supplied through the harnessing of the natural movement of wind, and tide and by the sun. We will long have ceased altogether to use up the earth's irreplacable reserves of carbon fuels.

The more I think about it, my correspondent (and Aldous Huxley) was right; this will indeed be a brave new world. (Although somewhat the opposite of Huxley's) For more about how we will have arrived there and what we will be doing there read my novel Going with Gabriel.

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