Painting a mystery

"Tollie Farm. Loch Maree"
74 x 46cm oil on canvas

Another Autumnal view, this time one familiar to those who have travelled the Wester-Ross Ring Road between Gairloch and Poolewe.

We often drove down the track you can see on the right side of my painting to park the car by the water. We walked alongside the head of the loch then followed the river (Ewe) downstream, sometimes all the way to the (sea) Loch Ewe at the village of Poolewe. The dogs loved this walk. Quite rough going with very little by way of a trail. They often put up snipe and woodcock, disturbed roe deer, exotic ducks and various other wildlife - without ever actually catching anything, thank the Lord beca\use herself would have been most upset if they had. And, once, they discovered a fox's den, rare in these parts where Reynard is public enemy number one to the crofters.

There's always so much mystery hereabouts, solutions not always obvious. For instance, along here there's an extensive area of flat grass and heather land amongst the riverside slopes. I just feel it must have been levelled generations ago for the house of a clan leader. It surely cannot be natural. There are no other flatlands. Then one day when it came on to rain and we had to take shelter beneath a great overhanging rock, just beneath the surface one of the dogs, scratching away at the topsoil unearthed a miscellany of objects far removed from Highlands life, including a century old scent bottle. We had to wonder, always meant to go back to do a proper dig. Have not as yet so the mystery remains.  

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