Fiscal cliff no

Fiscal cliff no: wake-up time yes. Happy new year.

Money is the only common denominator between all nations, races, tribes and nations. It has been so since someone thought up the jolly wheeze of your reward (take) in return for making and giving me something I want.

The problem arises now because you and me and all of us, individuals and whole nations, have become besotted by the idea of taking reward for making, doing and giving nothing. Our leadership has protected, indeed has encouraged this over far too long a time. The mechanics of workless income really don't make any difference: an inheritance, a pension, a State benefit, a corporate dividend, a win on a racehorse or an investment in a company or the price of a house. Sorry folks; all of the aforementioned are your (and my) monetary rewards for doing precisely nothing of any practical use.

Money has been a good servant but, unearned, has become a poor and dangerous master. We are about to find out just how dangerous. All the hurt and all of our tears will help us not at all. Change and change alone must happen very soon, however frightening, however painful.

We absolutely can reformulate the ways in which we live on this planet, the home that we have maligned in the name of money to the point of destruction. Amongst other less important things we can re-define the role of money, of give and take. Think about it; Mankind is the only life-form on Earth - so far as we know - that has developed a capacity to adapt and to change at will. We must use it now or this planet will finally rid itself of this unhappily restless us. It will then breathe a deep sigh of relief and bring on the next dominant species. 

They can and probably will cobble up some kind of a so-called 'deal' later today in the USA. Although the politicians will claim to have saved the world that new deal will make no difference. It's just a matter of time. So far as I know money cannot buy time and it certainly cannot be manufactuired by Man. Therefore it should be used. Leadership of the quality of Jesus Christ or Mohammed will surely be need for that. Possible? Of course.

I sincerely wish for and hope that you, personally, have a happy and genuinely rewarding 2013.

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