Farewerll SIR James Crosby

Taxpaying ladies and gentlemen of the United Kingdom ...

SIR James Crosby, late Chief Executive of collapsed bank HBOS has apologised to you all (via the latest expensive, purposeless Parliamentary Committee). What for? For taking your billions upon billions (£20,000,000,000 actually) of hard earned money into his bank's tender loving care, for nothing, and whether you liked it or not, thus enabling it to carry on trading regardless and its battalions of highly incentivised employees to keep on earning, some might say pillaging.

SIR James admitted his conduct was reprehensible and his management was incompetent and MR Andy Haldane of  The Bank of England went on to say in giving evidence to the Committee: "The banking crisis (sic) was as bad for the economy as a world war." So why, Bof E, has no one person, even SIR James Crosby, been shot, hung drawn and quartered, imprisoned or even seriously inconvenienced in just retribution for such deliberate acts of self interested and concerted theft? Acts so awesomely, recklessly daring as to make the Great Train Robbers seem like kids stealing lollipops from the village store.

Sir James said he had not handed back any of his £572,000 a year pension in spite of his 'good fortune' is selling two thirds of his shares in the bank before it collapsed. Neither had he a problem requiring you and me to carry on addressing him as a SIR into the sunlit uplands of his comfortable retirement .

Crosby said he was "horrified and deeply upset by what happened" in 2008.

After the 'interview' he went on to dine at the Connaught with two of three of his fellow malefactors / conspirators.

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