A not so happy birthday

Monday 3rd December: Dee''s birthday and by co-incidence the first day of her second four day chemotherapy session in Raigmoire's Hospital's C2 Ward.

Cutting the story very short, we drove for two snow-bound hours across the hills, arriving at the appointed 09.20 only to find a big queue and no available bed . At that point Dee went into a kind of shock, induced by what later turned out to be an infection - having little if any immune system left to fend it off. So, into a temporary bed and expert care at the hospital's A&E section. From there to another temporary berth in 'Arrivals' before being moved on to her proper (cancer) ward, It's put her chemo back by at least five days

Anyway I had made her a special card, on its front the above quite recently completed painting, on its rear the verse that follows ... I hope in some small way it helped her bear the set back on this not so happy birthday ... it helped me, in composing it.

For Delia

May be it is the way these days we need to live
this waving at the door, this
little left to say, or play, this little more to give

But true it is that every time we say goodbye
my Dee I surely slowly die a little, and
‘though there are no tears, inside, I cry a little

But all the passing of the years mean nought
to me if not with deeply rooted love
for you, my lovely; who is all I ever sought

We’ve journeyed far together, side by side
o’er rugged hill, by calm or raging seas, or
through those sun-touched trees, all stress denied.

And now life’s urgent pace has all been slowed
by nature’s kindly hand; so lucky we, to have
each other; no more wanted, nothing owed

Bryan Islip

December 3, 2012

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