A letter for Christmas 2112

 I read a tiny little piece in The Guardian on-line this morning ...
  •  "For as long as Tim Thorpe can remember, he has known about the "12.12.12" letter. When he was a boy in the 1970s, his family would talk about his great-great-grandfather's ambitious message to people "belonging to me" 100 years into the future and, eventually, Thorpe received his own photocopy of the handwritten letter. The power of Guy Wood's message from beyond the grave, written on 12 December 1912, continues to fascinate his descendants, and for some, such as Thorpe, it sparked an interest in history that has shaped their lives and careers."
Unfortunately  the letter itself is not published but some of its content makes for fascinating reading. Much of it has proven to be quite accurate. Of course we all have our ideas about what lies ahead for our descendants but few will bother to write them down, probably because we all know well that nobody takes much / any notice. No one after all is a prophet in his own time - never mind his own country.

Nevertheless this is my own letter. Tomorow is Christmas Eve, 2012. I would like it to be read by my descendants on Christmas Eve 2112 ...

My dear gene inheritor, 2112

These are turbulent times for humanity and for this planet. Nevertheless there has to be hope, and there must be belief. I believe ...

The great plague will reduce the population from the unsustainable nine billions it is expected to reach in 2017-20 (from the current seven billions) to a steady three billions. Because only the most capable will have survived to breed on, the human race will be physically, intellectually and emotionally much superior to that of today. 

Aided by advanced cyber communications that will have removed much of the need to travel, communities will be smaller but much stronger, more self-contained in terms of food and drink, clothing, dwelling and health. They will be less promiscuous, self-governed, self-policed, self-entertained and self-defended through biological deterrents. And self-regulated in numbers according to territorial supply potential.

The Second Coming, just after the peak of the plague, will have revealed the fallacy of agnosticism and will have resulted in a new, unilateral, all embracing spirituality together with a universal appreciation of its links to the human arts. Science as we know it today will have faded almost out of existence once people had come to understand how miniscule and how irrelevant was the possibility of Mankind's understanding and 'control' of, and within, all things. 

The financial collapse of the early twenty first century will have lead to much increased violence under the names of terrorism and / or warfare and / or criminality. But this will diminish and fade away almost completely once the plague and corresponding population crash have left the survivors with more than enough of a resource for each and every one. Consumerism as we know it today will have died a natural death alongside its secular twin - that of money and the media. 

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