The food of love?

Apparently this is the sixtieth anniversay of the UK's pop music chart.

This morning the BBC's Breakfast reporter was asking a few primary school boys and girls what they thought about that first (1952) Top of the Pops, Al Martino's Here In My Heart. Those of my own pre-Talking About My Generation generation will know Here In My Heart for the soft, sentimental and beautifully sung love song that it is. 'Wierd', however, was the general kiddiewink consensus amidst all the embarrassed giggling, the furtive who is this guy glances one to another.

The reporter then proceeded to interview a few wrinklies on the tea dance floor of the Tower Ballroom, Blackpool. He played then the latest top of the pops, a harshly cacaphonic number by I forget which singer, probably aimed at today's drug fuelled Clubbers. General, genuine bewilderment.

If music be indeed Shakespeare's food of love, where ever has it gone? And what is to replace it for those little children soon to be all grown up and presumably looking as much as did we for that self same love?

Can we have changed all that much in the blink of time's eye which we call sixy years?

Or could it merely be our media induced perceptions that have changed, leaving us just the same 'inside'? I reckon so. I hope so.

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