Speed bonnie bridge

I find the best antidote to worry is to create something. Could be my latest chapter, or an edit of my novel in progress or a painting such as this latest oil on 60 x 46cm canvas that I will call Sunset over the sea to Skye, or it could even be the 'associated' verse that I always compose during or after a painting is done and dusted. Anything to prevent my mind from circling round and around the dreaded cancer, or more accurately the 'non-Hogkinson's lyphoma' from which Delia is suffering.
I did the original sketches and took photos back in the early summer, having driven across on to the island and turned left.

The sunset is a different sketch as are the scottish pines in the forground. For me composition is more than half the battle/ I have little desire to paint exactly what is there. The pines for instance are the clump you will see on the right hand side of the roadway travelling from Ullapool to Inverness - just after you pass the Braemore junction. Bonnie Prince Charlie, speeding in his bonnie boat like a bird on the wing, would have more likely seen these than the deciduous / anonymous trees that are actually there today.

Skye bridge is relatively of recent construction and began its life as a toll bridge. However it rapidly became a free passage under the weight of thousands of local protests. Not everything has to be for money.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about my previous oil on canvas, the one called 'Starlings'. Looking at it again I see my photo of it was pretty awful so I have shot another one. Here it is ...

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